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For sandbags that are of high calibre and are reasonably priced, you can trust SandBags.ca. It is in our name. We offer premium quality bags that have been made to be durable and resilient to any corrosion caused by natural elements. We also ensure that you get what you need with pre-filled sandbags available to you in a large variety.

We service renovations; landscaping; road building and other construction purposes; traffic control; responding to natural disasters such as floods, and more with an assortment of sandbags available in different sizes and types that meet any and all industry requirements.


With our technical expertise, we know exactly how to ensure the strength and excellence of our product. Our sandbags feature a sturdy hessian material that is resistant to punctures and tears, and a dense tight weave and double sewn seams to keep the sand dry to prevent it from leaking.
We carry one of the largest collections of bagged sand products with a constant supply of sandbags ready for use. Our expert staff works with you to help you select the product that is right for you.


We are always there for our customers every time they need us with a swift and ready response. In any emergency situation, our services are available around the clock. You can contact us 24/7.

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