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Here at, we know how vital it is to provide strong, durable sandbags that will endure the test of time and withstand the corrosion that is caused by the natural elements. Whatever your need, we have. Sandbags are our game and we are available all year round, providing industry quality sandbags across Canada.

With head offices in Edmonton, Alberta, we pride ourselves on expert customer service with a welcoming staff that is equipped to help you make the right choice. Our team is on hand to answer your questions and provide wholesale, pre-filled sandbags that meet your every need. Whether it is for the construction industry, ballast needs or disaster response, our filled sandbags can satisfy all of your needs with their long-lasting strength. We make our sandbags from the strongest, most durable, tear-proof hessian materials to ensure stability and security every time. So when you buy your sandbags from us, you will be getting the best service, product quality and highly competitive prices.

At, our extensive knowledge and experience means we know exactly what courses of action to take when disasters strike. In such emergency situations, you need an immediate response and filled sandbags right away. This is why we offer a 24/7 emergency service. We take pride in our fast and prompt responses to such imperative situations and have proven ourselves reliable to our customers.

Moreover, we have a constant supply of sandbags ready for use. Our 18kg bags are filled year round at our facilities in Alberta, ensuring that you have the bags that you need and exactly when you need them. We take no exception to the standard of our products and spare no effort in supplying the best to our customers.

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